The Two Picture Tells You That PCB Is Not A Low-end Industry

- Apr 04, 2018 -

  The following is the core process of PCB production, a total of about 30 subdivision steps.


  (this complex process alone overrides the simple production model of all the low-end industries, let alone the fact that the more advanced line-width distances in the current PCB industry have evolved to 2 miles.) then let's look at the evolution of the technical route of PCB:

  In summary, there are four directions: the improvement of 1.IC integration and the advance of assembly technology promote the development of PCB high density: linewidth / spacing, through holes, conductors (bodies) become smaller, and finally to the non-traverse buried development. 2.The high frequency transmission of signal promotes the development of high frequency and high speed of PCB: select high frequency and high speed CCLs, reduce dielectric constant, dielectric loss factor, improve thermal stability and reliability.High thermal conductivity PCB: using thermal conductivity dielectric substrate, metal core, metal base and heat conduction medium to make PCB in the normal temperature range or lower temperature. 4.PCB high temperature, reduce welding joint area, increase the number of welding joints,Affecting the reliability of PCB leads to the development of buried type.Friends have seen the evolution of this seven times, from simple single and double panels to optoelectronic panels, whether the PCB industry has suddenly become tall?Since the emergence of embedded circuit boards, the fabrication of the boards has become more and more like the fabrication of chips: aseptic, high precision,Exposure etching and other steps are complicated (of course, there are still some gaps in the process, in the industry of optoelectronic plate, such as the iron throne, even the basic waveguide material is still very scarce.

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