The Supply And Demand Of Copper Clad Laminate Are Tight, And The Price Of The Manufacturer Is On The Rise

- Jan 19, 2018 -

On January 5th 2018, Guangdong Kingboard laminates, the world's largest supplier of copper clad laminates, reported the first price increase in the new year due to cost pressures. From now on, the price increase of 10 yuan / Zhang He 120 yuan / roll for its plate and PPp (semi-solidified sheet) respectively, the company has continuously raised the price 8 times last year. In addition to Kingboard. In December 8th 2017, manufacturers of copper clad laminates such as Mingkang, Lihao, Williamson, Maoxiang and Pengzhou in Laizhou reported price increases one after another. The price increase of copper clad laminate is between 5 and 15 yuan per unit price. On the one hand, the price increase of copper clad laminates comes from the rising prices of raw materials upstream; on the other hand, the expansion of copper clad laminate manufacturers in the past few years has not been obvious, and with the development of new energy vehicles. New applications such as the internet of things drive downstream demand growth. According to the Prismark-based ranking of global production value of rigid copper clad laminates, the top 10 manufacturers together account for about 75% of the market. Copper clad laminate industry has a high concentration, strong bargaining power, and occupies a strong position in the PCB industrial chain. Among the top 10 manufacturers, there are four mainland Chinese enterprises, which account for 36% of the total total market value of the ball market. With two Taiwanese companies, Chinese manufacturers already account for half of the market. The rise is expected to benefit domestic manufacturers.

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