The Strong Demand Of PCB Industry Will Continue The Demand Of Related Equipment Should Not Be Ignored

- Mar 09, 2018 -

2017 was a year of high demand for printed circuit boards (PCBs), and led to an upbeat performance in the process equipment industry, which was introduced as a new generation of Apple iPhone handsets. The demand for the introduction of high-frequency high-speed panels from the car's advanced driving-aid system, ADAS, has also quadrupled Huatong's share price, while the PCB boom in 2018 will remain strong.

In 2017, apart from the addition of 600,000 feet of production capacity by Jianding Technology to the Hubei Xiantao Plant in 2017, there was not much new capacity on the supply side, while Taiwan manufacturers focused on capacity bottleneck removal and certification of new customers. For example, Jingguo and Jindhi have announced that the certification of the Tier 1 Automotive Electronics Factory will generate revenue contributions from automotive panels in 2018.

And the vehicle board has accounted for revenue of 20% Jianding Science and Technology is optimistic about the growth of this block to promote the market prosperity, Jianding Science and Technology Supervisor pointed out that the degree of electronic vehicles deepening, will obviously drive the industrial boom rapid growth benefits; Other requirements, such as mobile and network communications and servers, will be the focus of growth, especially the growing demand for mobile phones with increasingly dense wireless communication points and passenger and car interfaces, all of which will be the focus of attention in the market as a whole.

And Huatong, which is investing in Apple's next generation of handsets this year, is cautiously optimistic about 2018.

In the past, the PCB related equipment industry has been trapped by the missing orders from the PCB industry and not investing in the equipment. At this stage, it has benefited from the deepening degree of industrial automation, coupled with the boom in the industry. Wang Nian Qing, general manager of Xunde Machinery, pointed out that. Visibility is now in the second quarter of 2018, and Xunde is also accelerating its new plant expansion to meet orders.

What makes the PCB equipment industry more optimistic is that the mainland and South China PCB manufacturers are planning to expand their production in recent years, including Shennan Electric Road, five plants, Shantou Ultrasound, and Bomin and other large local PCB supply plant equipment procurement demand is also increasing. Mulder chairman Wang Guangxia pointed out that these large expansion of the PCB plant in hardboard production automation 4.0 equipment and other equipment business opportunities of 1.2 billion yuan, are all the customers of Mu de.

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