The Shielding Effect Of Improving High-speed PCB Design Of Cabling System

- Oct 25, 2016 -

High speed PCB increasingly follow the market trends, technology is developing rapidly, but with high speed PCB design routing data rates steadily accelerating as well as some kind of anti-jamming of vulnerability, due to the higher the frequency of the transmitted information, signaling increased sensitivity, while their energy more and more weak, and wiring system is more susceptible to interference.

We know disturbances everywhere, cables and equipment for other components interfere or be severely disrupted by other sources of interference, such as computer screens, mobile phones, electric motors, radio relay equipment, data communication and power cables. In addition, potential hacking, cybercrime and hacking continues to increase, because their interception of the information transmission of UTP cable can cause great damage and losses.

Especially when using high-speed data networks, intercept information required was significantly lower than the time needed to intercept low-speed data transmission. Data of twisted strand under low frequency can rely on their own twisted together to resist external interference and crosstalk between the lines, but in high frequency situations (especially when frequencies above 250MHz), line of twisted alone cannot achieve the objective of anti-jamming, only shielding resistant to outside interference.

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