The PCB Industry Depth Report

- Jan 13, 2018 -

Absrtact: in 2016, the output value of global PCB dropped 2. 02% to $54.2 billion, of which the value of communication 3C, the proportion of vehicle output value were 27. 3% and 13. 55% respectively. 9.09. benefiting from the smartphone innovation cycle opened by Apple's X, the rapid growth of automotive electronics promoted by Tesla, rising costs and the lack of supply-side capacity due to green production restrictions. During the period from February 2017 to October, the PCB BB value in North America was greater than 1 for 9 consecutive months. During the period from January 2017 to October, the average price of PCB in Japan increased by 10.58. Prismark expects global PCB output to grow by more than 2% year on year in 2017. In this macro environment. We expect that the shift of industrial center and innovation of downstream application will promote the local PCB industry scale up to the upper floor and further increase the concentration of large factories.

According to WECC data, in 2016, the global output value of mainland single and double panels was 36.51, while the global share of multilayer panels exceeded 600.This phenomenon is mainly related to Japan and South Korea. Taiwan due to the local stock capacity, considering the maturity of the single and double panel industry, refer to the LCD-LED development process of the past two years. We believe that local PCB enterprises are expected to benefit directly from the transfer of single and double panel industrial centers to the mainland. In order to achieve rapid expansion and share, more and more PCB industry chain companies choose to resort to the power of capital. In 2017 alone, there were seven PCB related companies, according to the prospectus of Shennan Electric Road. In 2016, 7 of the top 10 PCB manufacturers listed in China had clear plans for large-scale expansion.

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