The Mainland Panel Factory Leapt To The Top Of The TV Panel Market Last Year

- Feb 06, 2018 -

On 5th, Longda, the LED vertical integration plant, reported revenue of 968 million yuan on January 2018 (NT $11. 96 a month, an annual increase of 1. 04, out of the traditional low season in the fourth quarter of last year). In January revenue return temperature, including backlighting and lighting applications both grow.

Lunda issued a press release saying that in backlight applications, new display backlight technologies will be actively developed, including quantum dots with Mini LED (submillimeter light-emitting diodes); The current mainstream higher-order products include HDR (high dynamic range) WCG wide color gamut and other machines stably shipped, used in television or e-sports display panel.

In lighting applications, Londa's Solar White solar white technology can simulate the solar spectrum, allowing objects under light to present real colors, which have been imported into the Solar (Chip Direct package). Low, medium and high power SMD series products are more efficient than the same products in the same industry, and are favored by European and American customers in special commercial lighting applications.

In new applications, Londa said, the Core package line will grow significantly this year to be used for headlamps, while IRs (infrared and UV) products are also stably shipped.

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