The Development Trend Of PCB Industry With Chip Decryption Being High-end And Enterprise-oriented

- Mar 23, 2018 -

  The word "intelligence" has become the mainstream of the electronics industry today, and under the globalization situation, the division of labor in the international industrial chain is becoming more and more clear. For China, a huge contract manufacturing country, we rely on our own labor force. Chip decryption points out that in the face of the increasingly high-end and enterprise-oriented PCB development trend, if we want to get a foothold, we need to accelerate the improvement of independent technology.

  Looking at the development mode of PCB industry in our country at present, chip decryption indicates that our industry concentration degree is low, compared with Japan and South Korea and other powerful countries, our enterprise scale is smaller, for the increasingly high-end enterprise technology, it may also be the turning point for China's PCB industry; Although we are in the initial stage of research and development of high-end PCB products, but in the middle and low end of the market, we have mastered the mature production technology, it is said that building a house on the base will be more solid. Although we are not competitive in the high-end product industry, but as long as we increase R & D investment, we will have a high room for improvement.

 For today's scientific research and technology market, high-end upstream technology and products are monopolized by foreign giants, while for China's technology, which is relatively weak, imports are highly dependent, and domestic enterprises are not competitive enough. For the huge market of China, the technology giant country has taken the technology monopoly measure to our country, but this can not dampen our determination to carry on the independent science and technology research and development, will only make us become more powerful.

  Chip decryption experts believe that in the future market competition in China's PCB industry, there will be features such as high-end products, large-scale enterprises, extension of the industrial chain, and uniform geographical distribution. Chinese science and technology will not always be subject to control by others. Under the strong support of the country, enterprises with independent R & D strength will be more and more.

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