The Basis For Automation-sensors

- Apr 02, 2018 -

  Now the production of society, can not do without automatic production equipment.Automatic production equipment can not only increase the output of products, but also improve the stability of product quality.And the basis of all this, are inseparable from the development of sensor technology.Whether the sensor is stable or not directly determines whether the automation equipment has high reliability.Therefore, in the development of automation equipment, the selection of sensors is particularly important, so how should we choose the appropriate sensor?How to realize the stable detection of products?

  With the development of science and technology, there are more and more kinds of sensors and higher precision.Therefore, we choose a wider range of commonly used sensors such as optical fiber sensors, photoelectric sensors, laser sensors, proximity sensors, area sensors and so on.

 Optical fiber sensor is widely used, fiber optic sensor is composed of optical fiber and fiber amplifier.Ability to detect the presence or absence of multiple types of products.There are two types of optical fibers: reflective and opposites.It is judged by the different reflectance of light from different products.General amplifiers have different detection modes, different detection modes correspond to different reaction times and different detection distances.

  Photoelectric sensors have a wide range of applications, there are the opposite type, reflection type, limited reflection type, regression reflection type and so on.Easy to install and use, no parameter debugging, wiring can be used.When selecting a sensor, be sure to pay attention to the material we are testing for, for example, if the product we are testing is transparent or translucent.Then we should choose the regression reflex type or according to the sensor detection instructions to choose.Don't be blind.

  The laser sensor has the characteristics of high precision and small spot, so the laser sensor is suitable for the detection of small products, the specific size can be selected according to the introduction of the sensor.

  Proximity sensors are also commonly used sensors. They are characterized by stable detection, high detection accuracy, two-wire and three-wire types, and the detection distance is generally several mm to more than ten mm. It must be noted that,The distance we see is the distance from which iron is detected, and when used to detect stainless steel, copper or aluminum, the detection distance is shortened.

  The area sensor is generally used to prevent the equipment from hurting. Its important parameters are optical axis spacing (the smaller the distance, the better the protection level, the higher the detection height, the detection distance, etc.If used on stamping equipment, generally should select light screen sensor, its protection level is higher.

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