South Korea LG Group Accelerates Mainland Investment Expansion To Promote New Products To Promote PCB Related Demand

- Jan 18, 2018 -

    LG Group of South Korea accelerates the mainland investment expansion plan, its Lejin display (LGD) as a pioneer, is scheduled to sprint this year OLED production capacity, soft plate factory Tongtai, equipment factory Fan Xuan, Zhi Sheng. And material factory, such as OLED equipment components plant will benefit.

    LGD unveiled its 65-inch UHD reel TV and 55-inch transparent display for the first time in this year's US Consumer Electronics Show. New products use OLED technology to bring unique value to users. Arouse market concern; LGD also predicts that the new application will actively open up the OLED and high-level LCD market.

    The industry has pointed out that the introduction of new transparent display products will drive demand for PCB related higher-order soft plates and high-speed transmission materials, and that only a handful of manufacturers have obtained certification licenses for key equipment for the 8.5 generation OLED line. Taiwan's supply chain will receive more attention this year.

    LGD targets continue to expand the global OLED and LCD market layout this year, the industry expects, with the introduction of related new display products. Driving the dewatering of existing capacity will also accelerate investment and new capacity on the LGD mainland.

    Recall that South Korean authorities approved the LGD application on December 26th last year for the construction of an 8.5 generation OLED panel manufacturing plant on the mainland. LGD aims to invest in the mainland to produce 8.5-generation OLED production lines in the future, reaching 1/4 of the OLED investment quota in the next three years. The total output of OLED is expected to reach 2.8 million tablets this year. The annual increase is about 64.7.

    LGD is scheduled to invest 1.8 trillion won outside the OLED plant in Guangzhou, mainland China. According to LGD reports to mainland authorities, it currently operates the eight-generation LCD panel plant in Guangzhou and in Nanjing, Guangzhou. Yantai has a module factory.

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