Samsung Large Reduction OLED Capacity New OLED Plant Plan Or Postpone

- Feb 01, 2018 -

Because the high price of OLED, Chinese leading mobile phone manufacturers enthusiasm is not high, recently on the apple iPhone X single reduction and next year production news, according to Samsung's Samsung panel factory Display was forced to cut production, are looking for new buyers for hard OLED panel.

According to South Korean media reports, according to sources, the flexible OLED panel demand is still strong, the market demand, but the hard OLED with the surface of the screen is not popular. China plant preference for the use of low-temperature polycrystalline silicon liquid crystal panel (LTPS LCD), LTPS LCD appearance and hard OLED, and low price, popular Chinese manufacturers welcome.

With AUO, Foxconn, BOE, Tianma sixth generation LTPS LCD capacity and constantly open, resulting in LTPS LCD prices fell. The industry pointed out that the current LTPS LCD to below cost sales to grab the city hard OLED lack of features, Samsung was forced to reduce production capacity. According to legend, a number of production line of Samsung hard OLED suspended capacity at minus 50%, mainly in A1, A2 factory production.

The industry said that the Samsung A1 plant could be changed to the OLED production center for vehicles, and some factories would be used to develop flexible OLED.. As for Samsung Display, the original plan was invested nearly 1 billion dollars to build the new OLED panel A5. According to people familiar with the matter, Samsung Display is reviewing the plant case.

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