Reduce The Car PCB Defect Rate Of The Six Major Programs

- Aug 07, 2017 -

  Reduce the car PCB defect rate of the six major programs

  How to reduce the PCB PCB circuit board factory defects rate of six programs

  In today's automotive electronics market is the third largest application area of the circuit board factory after PCB, communication. With the traditional mechanical products from the traditional sense of the gradual evolution of the development of intelligent, information technology, mechanical and electrical integration of high-tech products, electronic technology in the automotive application has been very broad, whether it is the engine system, or chassis system, Security systems, information systems, automotive environment systems, without exception, the use of electronic products. The automotive market has clearly become another bright spot in the consumer electronics market, the development of automotive electronics, naturally led the development of automotive circuit board factory.

  PCB board board today, the application of key objects, automotive circuit board plant to occupy an important position. But because of the special working environment of the car, safety and high current requirements such as the characteristics of its PCB board reliability, environmental adaptability and other requirements are higher, involving a wide range of PCB board technology, which for the PCB board business , Is a challenge; and for those who want to open up the automotive PCB board manufacturers, the need for the new market to do more understanding and analysis. Automotive PCB board with special emphasis on high reliability and low DPPM, then, whether our business in high reliability manufacturing has the accumulation of technology and experience? Is it consistent with future product development? In the process control, whether it can be well in accordance with the requirements of TS16949 do? Has it been done with a low DPPM? These are to be carefully evaluated, light to see this tempting cake and blindly enter, will bring harm to the enterprise itself.

  The following provides a representative part of the professional production of automotive PCB board enterprises in the testing process of some special practices available to the majority of PCB board colleagues to prepare for reference:

  1, the second test method: part of the PCB board production enterprises to adopt the "second test method" to improve the first high-voltage electrical breakdown defect rate.

  2, bad board foolproof test system: more and more PCB board manufacturers in the light board test machine installed a "good board marking system" and "bad board anti-box" to effectively avoid the loss of man-made. Good board marking system for the test machine to test the PASS board to identify, can effectively prevent the test board or bad board flow to the customer hands. In the course of testing, when the PASS board is tested, the test system outputs the box to open the signal. On the other hand, when the test board is bad, the box closes and the operator places the tested circuit board factory correctly.

  3, the establishment of PPm quality system: the current PPm (Partspermillion, million percentage of the defect rate) quality system in the PCB board manufacturers began to widely used.

  4, the comparison test method: some customers of different batches of PCB board using two different brands of models for comparative testing, and tracking the corresponding batch of PPm situation, so as to understand the performance of the two test machines to select a better performance test machine To test the automotive PCB board.

  5, improve the test parameters: select a higher test parameters to strictly detect such PCB board. Because, if you choose a higher voltage and threshold, increase the number of high-voltage read leakage, PCB board can improve the detection rate of defects.

  6, regular calibration test machine parameters: test machine in the long-term operation, the internal resistance and other related test parameters will be biased. And therefore need to regularly adjust the machine parameters to ensure the accuracy of test parameters. Test equipment in a considerable part of the large PCB board enterprises are six months or a year of machine maintenance, adjust the internal performance parameters.

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