PCBA Throwing The Main Reasons And Countermeasures

- May 31, 2017 -

  PCBA throwing the main reasons and countermeasures 1: nozzle problems, such as nozzle deformation, blockage, damage caused by insufficient pressure, leakage, resulting in suction can not afford, take material is not correct, but PCBA throwing material.

  Action: Clean the nozzle.

  Reason 2: Feeder problem, the feeder is not set, the location of deformation, poor feeding mechanism caused by reclaimed or poor data acquisition and PCBA throwing.

  Action: Reset the feeder, clean the equipment, calibrate or replace the feeder.

  Reason 3: identify the system problems, poor vision, visual or laser lens is not clean, foreign matter interference recognition, identify light source selection or strength, gray scale is not enough, there may be identification system has been bad.

  Countermeasures: clean the wipe to identify the surface of the system, keep clean without foreign matter, oil pollution, etc., adjust the light intensity, gray, replace the identification system components.

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