PCBA Processing Electrostatic Protection Measures And Precautions

- Oct 31, 2017 -

In the PCBA process, electrostatic protection is essential. Static electricity will damage the electronic components in the invisible, thus affecting the quality of the product. PCBA manufacturers in the eyes of the product quality is a good part of the production site depends on the electrostatic protection. So what kind of electrostatic damage to electronic components? And how to do PCBA processing in the electrostatic protection?

1, electrostatic hazards

(1) according to the timeliness, we divide the damage into two kinds, one is sudden damage. This damage is usually found in the quality inspection of the production process. Usually to the enterprise to bring the loss of only rework the cost of maintenance.

(2) potential damage. Generally refers to the basic use of components remaining function, but the service life dropped. Usually only to the late use of the user can be found. This damage can cause a lot of unpredictable losses.

2, PCBA processing of electrostatic protection

(1) the operator must wear a static work clothes, prohibit the work clothes to wear or wear any metal products, are not allowed to operate in the electrostatic sensitive products off the uniforms, uniforms button should be all buckle, try not to make it in the state of stripping The

(2) wear anti-static wrist, wrist strap and skin contact and reliable grounding. Electrostatic safety table is not allowed to stack plastic boxes, rubber, cardboard and glass and other easy to produce static debris.

(3) All components must be operated on an electrostatic safety workbench. Where to enter the anti-static work area of the components must be anti-static requirements to be treated.

(4) work in the floor of the static-sensitive components on the floor, must be tested again after confirmation. Items that can not be tested directly must be confirmed before they can be released.

(5) When handling sensitive components, avoid contact with their leads and lugs. Maintain the motherboard should try to avoid static sensitive components area. Some components should be cleaned, should use anti-static brush, can not use plastic brush.

(6) into the workshop must wear anti-static cap, to prevent hair inadvertently and electrostatic sensitive components in contact.

(7) manual welding, to use anti-static low-voltage thermostat soldering iron, prohibit the re-use of packaging components package packaging components.

In fact, PCBA processing industry in the electrostatic protection of the concern for a long time. While the domestic mobile phone and foreign mobile phone products in the stability of the differences are also a large part of the performance in the production process of electrostatic protection.

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