PCBA Is The Provider Of Electronic Component Wiring Connections

- Sep 13, 2017 -

PCBA is the English printed Circuit Board +assembly abbreviation, that is, PCB empty board through the SMT, and then after the whole process of dip plug-ins, referred to as PCBA.

PCB, also known as printed circuit boards, printed circuit boards, often use the English abbreviation of the PCBs (printed circuit board), is an important electronic components, is the support of electronic components, is the electrical components of the line connection provider. Because it is produced by electronic printing technology, it is called "printed" circuit board. Prior to the advent of printed circuit boards, the interconnection of electronic components is based on wires directly connected to form a complete line. Now, the circuit board exists only as an effective experimental tool, and printed circuit boards have become dominant in the electronics industry. In the early 20th century, in order to simplify the production of electronic machines, reduce the wiring between electronic components, reduce the cost of production and other advantages, so began to study the printing method to replace wiring.

Applications: computer and related products, communications products and consumer electronics, such as 3 C products are the main application of the PCB. According to data published by the American Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), global consumer electronics sales will rise by $964 billion in 2011, up 10% per cent year-on-year. The 2011 data are close to $1 trillion. CEA says the biggest demand comes from smartphones and laptops, and sales of very notable products include digital cameras, LCD TVs and other products.

1. Smartphone

According to the latest market research released by Markets and Markets, the global handset market will increase to $341.4 billion trillion in 2015, with smartphone sales earning $258.9 billion, 76% of the total revenue of the handset market, and Apple's 26% Market share leads the global handset market.

IPhone4 PCB using any Layer HDI board, any layer of high-density connection plate. IPhone4 in order to put all the chips in the area of the minimum PCB, the use of any Layer HDI board can avoid the space waste caused by the machine ring drilling, and achieve any one layer can be guided through the purpose.

2. Touch panel

With the IPhone, the IPad sweeping the world, the Red multi-touch application, the predicted touch-control trend will become the soft plate next wave growth drive engine. DisplaySearch expects the tablet's touchscreen shipments to reach 260 million tablets by 2016, up 333% from 2011.

3. Computer

Laptops have been the engine of growth for the PC market for the last five years, with an average annual increase of nearly 40%. The global PC shipments will reach 387.8 million units in 2011, up from 440.6 million in 2012 and 13.6% per cent from 2011, based on a weaker demand for laptops. In 2011, the CEA said, sales of mobile computers, including tablets, would reach $220 billion, and desktop PCs would reach $96 billion trillion, bringing the total PC sales to $316 billion.

The IPad 2 was officially released on March 3, 2011, with a 4-order Layer HDI in the PCB manufacturing process. The Layer HDI, which is used by Apple's IPhone 4 and IPad 2, will trigger an industry boom, with any Layer HDI expected to be applied to more high-end handsets and tablets in the future.

4. ebook

Global E-book shipments are expected to reach 28 million in 2013, with a combined annual growth rate of 386% from 2008 to 2013. The analysis says the global E-book market will reach $3 billion trillion by 2013. PCB board Design trend: one is to increase the number of layers, the second is the need for blind buried technology, the third is the use of high frequency signal for the PCB substrate.

5. Digital Camera

As markets become saturated, the output of digital cameras will start to stagnate in 2014. Shipments are expected to fall 0.6% to 135.4 million units in 2014, and low-end digital cameras will face intense competition from camera-able phones. But some areas of the industry can still grow, such as hybrid HD cameras, future 3D cameras and digital SLR (DSLR), a more upscale camera. Other growth areas for digital cameras include integration of GPS and Wi-Fi features to improve their attractiveness and daily use potential. To promote the soft plate market, in fact, any thin and short electronic products on the demand for soft board is very strong.


2011 Global LCD TV shipments will reach 215 million units, the year-on-year increase of 13%. 2011, as manufacturers gradually replace LCD TV backlight, LED backlight module will gradually become mainstream, to the LED cooling substrate technology trends: a high heat dissipation, precision size of the thermal substrate; two strict alignment accuracy, high-quality metal wiring adhesion Third, the use of yellow light micro-shadow film ceramic thermal substrate to improve the high power LED.

7. LED Lighting

Incandescent lamp in 2012 banned the regulation, 2011 LED Bulb shipments will be significant growth, production value is estimated to be up to about 8 billion U.S. dollars, coupled with North America, Japan, South Korea and other countries for LED lighting and other green products to implement subsidy policies, and stores, shops and workshops have a higher willingness to replace LED Lighting and other factors driven by the value of the global LED lighting market penetration rate has a great opportunity to break through 10%. LED lighting, which took off in 2011, will lead to a large demand for aluminum substrates.

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