PCBA Circuit Board And Components Of The Cleaning Method

- Jun 15, 2017 -

  PCBA circuit board and components of the cleaning method:


  In the choice of cleaning agent should be noted that the manual cleaning of the general choice of solvent-based cleaning agent, but not all of the solvent-based cleaning agents are able to effectively remove some of the flux containing organic resin, if you use flux containing organic resin, Then the choice of cleaning agent when the need for its cleaning capacity to assess.

  If you use IPA or VIGON EFM for cleaning, you may also need to rinse with deionized water after washing, and you can not rinse the circuit board with tap water because the chlorine, fluorine and halide ions contained in the tap water may cause the circuit board Pollution again.

  If the circuit board is to be coated after cleaning, it is necessary to ensure that the cleaning agent used does not affect the coating material.

  Cleaning PCBA circuit board steps:

  * Please use gloves throughout the cleaning process.

  1. Clean the circuit board in IPA or VIGON EFM, or spray IPA and EFM onto the surface of the circuit board, using approximately 10 ml per 4 square inches.

  2. Wipe the circuit board continuously for about 10 seconds with a moist, soft short brush.

  3. Rinse with deionized water, about 10 ml per 4 square inches. Effectively remove potential contaminant residues.

  4. Handle the edge of the circuit board, with a clean lint-free cloth wiping off the excess deionized water.

  5. Check the cleanliness of the circuit board.

  6. If necessary, use a wind gun to dry the circuit board.

  7. If the circuit board or components need to be stored for a period of time before coating, place the circuit board or components in a sealed bag containing desiccant.

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