PCB Output On Both Sides Of The Taiwan Strait Hit A Record High 2018 PCB IoT Continued To Drive Growth

- Mar 12, 2018 -

On 2017, the research and adjustment institutions frequently revised up the industry boom, and did not look down on 2018 and followed up with the upward adjustment. The Industrial Economic and trend Research Center of the Industrial Technology Research Institute estimated the latest Taiwan businessmen 'output value across the Taiwan Strait at NT $6, 43.8 billion (the following is the same as this, an annual increase of 3.98 NT dollars).

The Taiwan PCB Association, the Industrial Economic and Trends Research Center of the Industrial Technology Research Institute, announced on 1st the output value of Taiwan businessmen on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. The fourth quarter of last year was also reported in the fourth quarter of last year. On 2018, the latest release of the output value of Taiwan businessmen's printed circuit boards across the Taiwan Strait was released on 2018. It was 3.81 yuan higher than the original forecast of 6, 20.2 billion yuan.

In the fourth quarter of last year, the total PCB output value of Taiwan businessmen on both sides of the strait reached a record high of 1, 87 billion yuan or 6, 19.2 billion yuan last year, an increase of 11. 78 and 3. 29 yuan respectively over the original forecast data. Last year grew 9. 5 percent over the previous year. In the fourth quarter, compared with the previous quarter and the same period of the previous year, the fourth quarter increased 11. 6 percent, respectively.

TPCA held the Symposium on PCB industry's key trend. It stressed the evolution of 5G technology in 2017. It has predicted the coming of the big data era. Vehicle Internet of things (IoT), intelligence and medical field have become global concerns.

According to IEK research and analysis, Taiwan's component industry has been standing firm for two consecutive years since 2016, and is expected to grow 3% yuan to 1 trillion, 4 billion yuan in 2018. It shows that the growth momentum of the PCB industry this year is not to be underestimated.

TPCA said Taiwan's PCB industry gained a lot in 2017, except for the launch of Apple's new i8 and iX, which led to the application of IoT in the overall PCB industry chain, which undoubtedly contributed a lot to the PCB industry.

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