PCB Fastener Installation Process

- Jun 05, 2017 -

  PCB fastener installation process

  1. PCB embedded fastener way

  1.1 flanging riveting

  The material of the embedded fastener is aluminum, and the surface coating is tin, nickel, passivated or white conductive oxide

  Embedded fastener flow

  First, fasten the fastener on the PCB, through the tool with the PCB board rivet riveting together.


  - Simple to process

  - Reliable, easy to loose or fall off

  - Small damage to PCB.

  - can withstand greater torque and tension


  Riveting the back of the PCB will form a diameter and height of about 0.5mm convex. Inconvenient to lock the screws.

  This installation method is in the PCB component after soldering processing, the way as follows:

  Flanging riveted embedded stud design specifications: (M3 * 8MM stud as an example)

  PCB board on the processing aperture of 4.8mm, tolerance range of 0 ∽ +0.13 mm, the size of the proposed cloth area recommended 8mm, thickness recommended 1.4 ∽ 2. 0mm. Prohibited area required surface copper plating tin, cloth area PCB Internal static alignment. The material of the embedded stud is AL, tinned on the surface, nickel plated, passivated or white conductive oxidation. M3 riveted riveting embedded studs can withstand the minimum torque required 11.kgf.cm. can withstand the minimum tension of 190N. The embedded nuts are in good contact with the PCB board, and the ground resistance to the PCB formation depends on the resistance of the embedded stud itself.

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