PCB Circuit Board Several Major Material Division

- Jun 30, 2017 -

  PCB circuit board several major material division

  PCB circuit board substrate according to the quality, material, fire rating can be divided into several types:

  94HB cardboard: the most common cardboard materials, are basically used to make low-grade single-sided, cheap. Because it does not have the role of flame retardant, for a series of power and other fire protection products can not be used.

  94V0 cardboard: cardboard with a flame retardant material, and 94HB cardboard material compared to its composition added resistance to fuel economy.

  22F single-sided composite substrate: single-sided semi-glass plate.

  CEM-1 single-sided composite substrate: This material requires the use of CNC drilling.

  CEM-3 double-sided composite substrate: the lowest low-end double-sided material, are semi-glass fiber material.

  FR-4 Epoxy glass fiberboard: the most commonly used PCB board material.

  PCB circuit board fire rating: According to UL standards of substrate combustion characteristics can be divided into the following four categories: UL-94V0, UL-94V1, UL-94V2, UL-94HB.

  Semi-cured film: for the production of multi-layer PCB board, commonly used models have 1080,2116,7628 and other specifications.

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