PCB Circuit Board Design, Should Pay Attention To The Following Four Main Aspects (2)

- Oct 25, 2016 -

2.PCB property

Products, and low prices not only hope to achieve, but without compromising product performance, product performance and at the same price level the higher the better. This must be a priority in PCB design. Good performance is good quality. This is the deeper layers in the PCB design, and more difficult to meet the requirements of. A printed circuit board, PCB layout training from the printed circuit board manufacture, inspection, Assembly, debugging to the machine Assembly, debugging, until the maintenance, all closely related to the printed circuit board is reasonable or not, such as boards shape selected well processing difficulties, leads so small Assembly difficult, was a pilot highly difficult Board connections improper maintenance difficulties and so on. Each of the difficulty may increase the operational costs, extend working hours. Each cause of the difficulty comes from the designer's mistakes. No absolute and rational design, only the process of rationalizing. It needs to be the designer's sense of responsibility and strict style and practice as a fault in summary, improving the experience.

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