PCB Circuit Board Design, Mainly Pay Attention To The Following Four Aspects: (1)

- Oct 25, 2016 -

Cost of 1.PCB circuit boards

Each company product, first cost, this is the product of an important part of things, of course, is the company's efforts to control costs. "I must" is the principle of market competition. It is not difficult to achieve, and not easy to achieve, but objectives that must be met. Say "no", plate selection low prices, boards sizes as small as possible, connected with welding wire, coated with cheaper, PCB design and choose the lowest price of processing plants and so on, PCB manufacturing prices will drop. But don't forget that these cheap options may result in technology, poor reliability, manufacturing and maintenance costs increased, the overall economy does not necessarily sub-branches, it said "not easy". Competition is ruthless, a principle advanced technology high-tech products may be premature end because of economic reasons.

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