PCB Board Prices Up Again! Who Will Bear The Biggest Pressure In The LED Industry?

- Oct 08, 2017 -

PCB board prices up again! Who will bear the biggest pressure in the LED industry?

Recently, the price increases notice that the pcb board material, labor and chemicals of rising costs have become the three major factors of this price increase. In fact, the important factor of the price increase is the change of supply and demand. There is no doubt that MANKUN led pcb also face this situation.The popularization and upgrading of electronic products make the terminal market demand increase, and the small distance LED market boom continues upward, which drives the demand for single sided PCB boards and double sided PCB boards.

Because of the high profits and large market space in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, America markets, the domestic LED filament lamp enterprises have found that a large part of the domestic market sales target has been achieved in the foreign market. So our company also will be in the hot market.Guangzhou MANKUN Electronic CO,.LTD is a professional led pcb manufacturer,specializing in researching and producing printed circuit boards.Our main products are high-precision aluminum plates, copper substrates, FR-4 board as well as a variety of complexity board.Such as led bulb light pcb,led flashlight pcb,led tube light pcb,led direct thermal path pcb,led grow light pcb,driver pcb,led smd pcb boards,ceiling light pcb,spotlight pcb,street light pcb and so on.

Prices of raw materials have gone into the night with the wind. As early as last year, some electronic components began to have price increases.While the country has also been providing supply side reforms aimed at improving the profitability of industrial enterprises. This means that the price increases will be sustained.Supply and demand tension will continue until next year, which means a short period of price increases or will continue.

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