Pcb Aging, How To Deal With

- Aug 07, 2017 -

  Pcb aging, how to deal with

  We usually say that the aging of the PCB board is under certain conditions to make the circuit board factory work after a certain period of time, the circuit board factory above some of the component parameters will change, this change and the use of circuit board factory time, which for Some special purpose circuit board factory, is absolutely not allowed, so many circuit board factory in the factory will do before the anti-aging treatment, so that the circuit is stable after use. So that you can greatly improve the reliability and security.

  In the general industrial refrigerator, the use of single-piece solderless parts fixed, the temperature is generally -40 ℃ ~ +55 ℃ in the alternating changes in the process, the lower the temperature to keep 1 hour, and then Slowly return to room temperature, at room temperature to keep 4 hours, 4 hours later slowly warming up, pcb rose to the highest set temperature, this state should be maintained for 2 hours, and then slowly down to room temperature, this time also need Keep 2 hours, remove, pcb check the minimum line and cut with the hole of the health status. This process to do two cycles to be more assured.

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