Pay Attention To Pcb Enterprises Under The Change Of Environmental Protection Policy

- Jan 17, 2018 -

Pay attention to PCB Enterprises under the change of Environmental Protection Policy

The Kunshan production restrictions make the industry a false alarm, but the PCB industry in the context of environmental tightening, enterprises in the future in the treatment of waste will increase, the scale of the expansion of the cost is diluted. The future industry size advantage will be highlighted, concentration will become inevitable, we will wait and see. Other sub-industries in the future trends determine, consumer electronics by AI and 5G driven. From materials to components of multi-dimensional innovative solutions continue to emerge, MediaTek AI chips are expected to be launched next year, driving AI to sink into mobile terminals; In the field of integrated circuits, we are fully optimistic about the trend of localization of chips; Panel area, China Electric Rainbow Xianyang 8.6 generation line officially put into production LGD Guangzhou OLED panel factory was approved, China and South Korea's display industry competition step by step upgrade. At the same time optimistic about domestic supply chain supporting opportunities.

Display: focus on Korea panel factory

In recent years, South Korean manufacturers have explicitly implemented the closure of low-generation LCD production lines. Switch to OLED production line planning. The conditional approval of Samsung's shutdown of the L6 production line and the LGD Guangzhou OLED line is an important step in its strategic planning. In OLED, South Korea. Display technology is currently subject to government subsidies. Overseas plant plans must be approved by the government, and the LGD plant in Guangzhou, China, also needs to meet three conditions (increasing the utilization rate of Korean materials and equipment). Increase follow-up investment in South Korea and strengthen technology security measures. The importance of the OLED technology demonstrated by the South Korean government from the side. The rise of China's high-end display technology and the gradual formation of domestic equipment have brought impact to the Korean display industry, but the spirit of innovation and leadership by Korean manufacturers is worth learning from.

PCB: environmental restrictions on production increase supply constraints, driving industry concentration to further increase

We believe that under the background of strict environmental protection, enterprises will increase their investment in waste disposal, and the cost will be diluted when the scale expands, and the scale advantages of the industry will be highlighted in the future. From the point of view of the supply and demand situation, the demand side has the dual logic of the electronic products high-end and the automobile electronic upgrade, and the growth is guaranteed; The supply-side needs capital, technology, market, and domestic listed companies have more advantages than non-listed companies. From the present situation, the expansion of production is mainly concentrated in the level of listed companies.

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