Opportunities And Challenges Of OLED Lighting Market

- Mar 02, 2018 -

The competition between OLED and LED technology has attracted the attention of LED manufacturers in the past 10 years. Although the high cost of OLED technology makes it very difficult to increase permeability, but with the investment of large factories such as OSRAM LG, and the huge investment of Chinese manufacturers in OLED display field, We can use the advantages of R & D experience and technology equipment in the display industry to make the OLED lighting rise rapidly. In addition, the public's awareness of environmental protection is on the rise, and the public's demand for the fusion of life and artistic aesthetic sense of lamps and lanterns is raised. White OLED lighting is likely to become the next generation of lighting nova.

Automobile lighting can be said to be the most sparking and mature application market of OLED lighting at present. In fact, with the latest integration of LED technology, lighting has evolved from a basic functional feature to a significant feature with automotive value potential. OLED has the real potential to distinguish itself from LED and offer new added value. The BMW M4 GTS, introduced in 2016, was the first commercial vehicle to use OLED technology in taillights.

In addition to the automotive market, OLED lighting manufacturers are also actively involved in traditional general lighting fields, such as commercial lighting or office lighting. In addition, OLED technology must be combined with a number of niche markets to achieve economies of scale and thus reduce costs. Niche markets include medical lighting and embedded lighting.

In 2017, the global OLED lighting panel reached a market size of about US $153 million. It is estimated that China's OLED display industry will release production capacity in 2018. By then, the OLED industry will have a sharp increase in yield and a sharp drop in cost. OLED lighting will also be due to the overall market situation. With a new cost-performance opportunity, OLED Lighting is expected to grow to more than $1.1 billion by 2020.

With the continuous development of LED in the lighting field, the cost of OLED has not been the main opportunity of price war. The only breakthrough point is to make use of the advantages of OLED, which is free of blue light damage and flexible and foldable, to go to the high-order design field. Avoid the battle with LED's positive price-performance ratio.

As the scale of investment in OLED display is increasing at present, and the demand for OLED is relatively low, the opportunity of future OLED lighting take-off will still be mainly reflected in the use of OLED display synergy effect, optimized supply chain, and general R & D. And using partially depreciated OLED display equipment to reduce the investment cost of OLED lighting.

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