OLED Expansion In Four Reports Of Samsung Slowing

- Jan 25, 2018 -

Samsung's flexible OLED expansion will slow as the growth of smart phones slows and OLED panels expand too quickly around the world. Investment in the A5 plant will be delayed. At present, Samsung Flexible OLED's main production line is the A3 plant, with a monthly production of 150,000 pieces, and another A4 plant will be put into production this year. Another 60,000 units will be added. The A5 plant, originally scheduled to start production on end of 2018, is likely to slow down.

Apple used the OLED panel for the first time last year, prompting brands to launch OLED phones and a surge in OLED panel production. Samsung expanded the A3 plant to 150,000 units a month. In end of 2016, a seven-generation plant was closed, leaving the plant in preparation for the A4 plant, with an estimated monthly production capacity of about 60,000 units and 20 million to 30 million mobile phone panels. Samsung has also planned a new A5 plant with a total capacity of 180,000 to 270,000 units, making it the world's largest OLED panel plant.

The B7 plant in Chengdu and the B11 plant in Mianyang are six generations of flexible OLED panel production lines. The total monthly production capacity is 96,000 units. Huaxing Optronics's T4 plant in Wuhan is a six-generation flexible OLED panel production line with a monthly capacity of 45,000 pieces. Samsung and other mobile phone makers have plans to push new OLED screens this year. Demand for OLED panels is growing, but production capacity is growing even more. In particular, the price of flexible OLED panels remains stubbornly high. Apple will continue to launch LCD panels this year because the price of the iPhone X is too high and buying is not as good as expected. And the smartphone market is maturing and the high growth rate is no longer there. Whether the future can eat such a large OLED panel capacity, forming a big question mark.

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