Micro~LED Chip Manufacturers Usher In A New Outbreak Point On Display Market

- Feb 08, 2018 -

The new era of self luminous display, Micro-LED will become the mainstream display technology of.Micro-LED display technology is the traditional inorganic micro array LED, LED pixels in 10 micron size of each size can be independently addressable, lit. Simply speaking, can be regarded as small spacing of LED size is further reduced to 10 micron. Micro-LED display is very direct, the LED chip 10 micron scale connected to the TFT drive on the substrate, so as to realize the precise control of each chip light brightness, and realize the image display. - compared to LCD and OLED, Micro-LED power consumption advantages. Compared with LCD and AMOLED, Micro-LED and the power consumption characteristics of lower.LCD passive light brings a substantial loss of energy, due to the characteristics of OLED material itself, determines its luminous efficiency than the traditional III- V semiconductor material, about half of the traditional LED. In the case of the same, because the light emitting efficiency, power consumption of Micro-LED will be half of the AMOLED is LCD 20-40%., the major manufacturers are also actively layout Micro-LED market space. Samsung, apple, Taiwan industry chain are actively layout. L need technological breakthroughs in the production of Micro-LED and OLED, the overall similarity. The massive transfer is a key step in the industrialization process of the.Micro-LED chip is based on LED epitaxial wafer, etching into less than 10 micron scale units, the technology and the current conventional technology with.Micro-LED OLED, similar to LCD TFT driver back. Therefore, the three step in the Micro-LED process, all need to upgrade the existing technology, to achieve the requirement of Micro-LED production. - chip manufacturers the most potential, The first benefit and OLED industry chain comparison. We can see that the Micro-LED and the current OLED industry chain has many of the same, overlapping areas. For these same equipment, materials, parts, processes, Micro-LED is only instead of the original OLED, did not produce new demand. The only exception is for LED wafer, Micro-LED is the new demand, new increment from chip factory expansion and the massive transfer of technology progress, then at least LED epitaxial wafer manufacturers from the Micro-LED production of significant benefit. The broad market space, LED epitaxial wafer market demand up to 1000. We can think, can wearable devices will become the first Micro-LED tipping point, VR/AR equipment represented by smart watches, indoor large screen display, and the term of the intelligent mobile phone, tablet, television is the most feasible And development potential of the market. Therefore, when we give the market space, assumption of permeability under the premise, we expect the market to MOCVD number will reach more than 1000, while the corresponding market space up to more than $50 billion. From the comparative perspective of industry chain, chip manufacturers will be added, the most benefit the subject of investment.

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