Semiconductor Sealing: Advanced Packaging Affects Industry Ecology, Chinese Manufacturers Have Become An Important Force

- Jan 12, 2018 -

1.Advanced Packaging Market will grow rapidly

The global advanced packaging market will continue to grow rapidly. China's advanced packaging market is growing faster than the global average. In terms of subdivision, the inverted chip market is the largest. Professional contract seal factory has the highest production capacity, and will be further expanded. Fan-out packaging has attracted much attention, providing opportunities for wafer manufacturers. Fan-in packaging is mainly used in the mobile field. However, it will face the threat from SiP packaging. Silicon through hole technology is the key technology to achieve heterogeneous integration interconnection, the major manufacturers actively layout. Embedded packaging after the accumulation of early stage. The size of the market will continue to grow. In terms of device types, memory packaging sales are growing steadily and silicon through technology is gradually infiltrating. The diversity of MEMS packaging affects the market pattern.

2.Advanced Packaging affects Industrial Ecology

The introduction of advanced packaging technology has an impact on the whole industry ecology. The development of fan-out packaging makes the seal into the manufacturing link. The wafer factory can use this to enter the sealing process. With the development of preemptive market. Sip package, which belongs to the testing manufacturer, the package manufacturer can provide a whole set of solutions from sealing to system integration, and expand the business to the downstream field. Technology changes lead to changes in the industrial chain, which in turn bring about new competition and changes in business models. In order to enhance competitiveness, firms may launch new mergers and acquisitions.

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