LED Shows Continued Market Growth Mini-MicroLEDs Represent The Future

- Jan 15, 2018 -

     In 2016, the small spacing display market mainly focused on the application of government departments, with the LED small spacing screen technology mature and prices continue to decline. In 2017, rapid penetration in the commercial sector began in the second half of the year. In the next two years, we think the commercial market will grow rapidly. We expect to maintain the average annual growth rate of the small gap market in 2017-2019.

      MiniLED and MicroLED are small space technology development to product.MiniLED product application after a certain stage can be divided into LCD display and MiniLED display backlight applications. According to the number of panel business plan MiniLED will be used for TFT-LCD backlight in 2018, MiniLED will use to display screen theater.Micro-LED display relative LCD and OLED screen has many advantages. It is expected to achieve application, in 3 years the United States, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan enterprises has partnered with LED chip manufacturers to develop the MicroLED. of the two kinds of LED new technology once the large-scale application of LED industry, the scale will be increased by an order of magnitude LED chip demand will show explosive growth.

      Because MicroLED has many advantages, such as high resolution, flexible display, self-luminescence and low energy consumption, MicroLED is expected to be used in mobile phone and TV fields in the future. Replace some of the LCD and Ole D. assume that the penetration of MicroLED screens in the mobile phone and TV markets is 10% and 5% respectively. Based on the current global handsets of 1.5 billion units and TV 230 million units, then will need to consume 900 million epitaxial films 2 inches). At present, the annual output of LED epitaxial is less than 150 million pieces. We can imagine the application of MiniLED and MicroLED. Will make LED chip output to produce "blowout effect".

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