How To Maintain PCB Circuit Board

- Jul 25, 2017 -

  How to maintain PCB circuit board

  PCB circuit board is based on the insulation board as a substrate, cut into a certain size, which at least with a conductive pattern, and cloth with holes (such as component holes, fastening holes, metal holes, etc.), used to replace the previous device electronics Components of the chassis, and to achieve the interconnection between electronic components. PCB board from the single layer to the development of double-sided panels, multilayer and flexible board, and continue to high-precision, high density and high reliability direction, the more widely used.

  PCB circuit board maintenance knowledge

  1, the annual maintenance knowledge:

  1. Clean the dust on the pcb circuit board.

  2. pcb circuit board in the electrolytic capacitor capacity sampling, such as the electrolytic capacitor capacity is lower than the nominal capacity of 20%, should be replaced, the general life of electrolytic capacitors about 10 years should be replaced to ensure that pcb line Board work performance.

  3. For high-power devices coated with heat dissipative grease, you should check whether the heat dissipating silicone grease is dry. For dry solids, remove the dry heat grease and apply a new heat grease to prevent the circuit board In the high-power devices due to poor heat and burned.

  2, season maintenance:

  1. Every quarter of the PCB circuit board to clean up the dust, the circuit board can be used for cleaning the cleaning solution, the above dust cleaning is completed, with a blower to dry the circuit board can be.

  2. Observation of the circuit in the electronic components have not been traces of high temperature, electrolytic capacitors have no signs of leakage, if any should be replaced.

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