How To Distinguish Pcb Quality ?

- Dec 20, 2016 -

From the performance ,the higher the thermal conductivity of the aluminum pcb  ,the higher the price will be .it's because the high thermal circuit board with a  good heat dissipation function .

besides that ,the thickness also affect the heat disspation ,and affect the pcb cost.

From the apperance ,exposure circuit pcb looks much smart and high quality than screen printing pcb ,so they have a price difference . And screen printing can only make big pad led pcb board ,for small pad led pcb ,only can do exposure process . 

Then how about surface treatment ? OSP /HASL /ENIG  

Osp is cheapest solution if you want to save cost ,but OSP pcb cant exposure in the air for long time .Most customer will choose HASL pcb because it can keep longer and easy to solder . Enig is for some machine board which has a very strict requirements .But cost is higher . 

And the packing also will affect price ,cheaper pcb without vacumm packing and hardboard to protect  pcb .

So it's noraml that good quality pcb with a higher price 

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