How To Break The PCB Industry Environmental Dilemma

- Jun 30, 2017 -

  How to break the PCB industry environmental dilemma

  Both in December, the weather in the south has gradually become cold, do not consciously think of being under heavy pressure to withstand the Chinese economy.

  It is in this time, PCB industry at the same time ushered in the Internet wave and "the history of the most stringent environmental protection law", which is a crisis, but also an opportunity. One side is a variety of environmental policies and regulations to the PCB enterprises to bring the growing pressure of pollution reduction, the other side of the market demand is sluggish and the country "to adjust the structure, to promote the transformation," the determination of the survival and development crisis, Field of life and death races, PCB enterprises should change the development of ideas as soon as possible, grasp the Internet trend, make full use of Internet tools "leak fill", early throw away the burden of environmental protection, in the transformation of the road ahead of light.

  The Internet to break the traditional industry information island, to reconstruct the industry supply chain pattern, change the enterprise marketing, innovation model, but also to a large number of scattered resource aggregation activities in the same thing possible. But also accelerate the development of China's e-commerce business. "Internet + green" model of the successful landing, making the environmental protection industry from the traditional integrated business platform business divestiture, resulting in a lot of professional environmental protection B2B business platform for the PCB industry to break the environmental problems to provide new Internet solutions. At the same time, intelligent environmental protection, environmental information has also been rapid development, including pollution sources such as automatic monitoring, environmental information data center, green e-procurement is gradually applied to the actual production and operation areas.

  Internet age, PCB industry to solve environmental problems, from two aspects to proceed.

  First, grasp the trend of environmental information. With the development of Internet technology and remote sensing technology, the use of large data means to monitor and monitor corporate sewage, governance results have become a reality, the current market, such monitoring services have been successfully commercialized;

  Second, to strengthen energy-saving emission reduction in product innovation. PCB enterprises to embrace the Internet with a positive attitude, attention to "big data", "Internet +", "cloud computing" such new information technology applications, the early realization of automated monitoring, intelligent supply chain management, lean quality management in daily production Operating in the application.

  Under the development trend of the new normal economy, it is an important way for PCB manufacturing enterprises to enhance the core competitiveness and win the market by using the Internet tools to promote lean production, improve resource utilization and realize ecological advantages. The arrival of the Internet not only to the current economic situation to add a touch of bright color, but also makes the PCB industry can be more efficient, fast and economical to meet the environmental indicators of this hard to reduce business costs. At the same time, the PCB industry took off the environmental burden, can be more focused on the Internet brought about by the new things brought about by the Internet thinking and technology transformation and upgrading, successfully through the winter, until the economic recovery, Greater development space.

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