Guangzhou Usher In The First Large-scale Polarizing Project

- Jan 20, 2018 -

Recently, Huangpu District, Guangzhou Development Zone and LG Chemical Co., Ltd. signed an investment cooperation agreement, the latter plans to invest about $300 million to build a large manufacturing plant in Guangzhou Science City. Production of large size polarizers and packaging materials and other products. Expected to be completed and put into production in 2019, the output value of about 2 billion yuan. This is the first large polarizer production project in Guangzhou. Guangzhou will help build a "world-class flat panel display base," and radiation to drive the South China flat panel display industry.

LG Chemical in South China layout of the first polarizing project, location near the Huangpu District, such as Skyworth, Guangzhou Development Zone, key flat panel display enterprises. Fully close to the terminal market, not only can close to serve local customers. It also fills the gap in the manufacturing of large-scale polarizing film in Guangzhou, and provides an important link for the flat panel display industry in the Pearl River Delta.

It is reported that LG Chemical is the core enterprise of LG Group of South Korea, and is also the largest large size polarizer in the world. LG Chemical has established the world's most wide-width 2300mm polarizing film production line at present. Through the establishment of domestic independent R & D technical organizations, strengthen cooperation with raw material suppliers to develop products that meet the needs of the Chinese market.

Huangpu District, Guangzhou Development Zone is Guangzhou IAB leading industry development "main battlefield", among which, the new generation of information technology industry output value accounted for 80% of the city.

The flat-panel display industry is the core branch of the new generation of information industry in the region. At present, the region has gathered a large number of upstream equipment, raw materials and components enterprises, mid-stream panel manufacturing and module enterprises. Downstream enterprises, flat display industry chain is complete, has become the most advanced technology, the largest production scale, the highest output of the LCD panel base.

In the upstream supporting enterprises, since 2017, the area has introduced Yuexin 12-inch chip manufacturing projects, core and en collaborative chip manufacturing projects and more than 50 integrated circuit enterprises. Provide high-end chips and other products for flat panel display industry; In recent years, more than 20 enterprises, such as Japanese electric sales, have been introduced to provide flat panel display products such as SMT and injection molding accessories. LG Chemical has invested in the construction of a large polarizing film project. Will become the area flat panel display industry another leading enterprise.

At present, the flat display production base of upstream and downstream enterprises has been built in the middle reaches of the region, and the annual output value of the park is 100 billion, which is the largest flat panel display production base in South China.

In the whole machine and application end of downstream, there are flat panel display terminal enterprises, such as Skyworth, visual source and so on. In January 8th 2018, the region signed investment framework agreement with Skyworth group co., Ltd. Skyworth Group will invest about 7 billion yuan to build intelligent industrial innovation base in Zhongxin Guangzhou Knowledgetown to achieve the annual production of 30 million smart home appliances such as 4K smart TV.

So far, Huangpu District, Guangzhou Development Zone has built a whole industrial chain from high-end materials, high-end panels to intelligent terminals, the value chain closed loop, forming a new industrial ecology.

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