Flexible PCBLight Weight Is Thin

- Aug 25, 2017 -

Flexible PCB circuit board is a polyimide or polyester film made of a substrate with a high degree of reliability, excellent flexible printed circuit board. Referred to as soft board or FPC, with a high wiring density, light weight, thin thickness characteristics.

According to the combination of substrate and copper foil, flexible circuit boards can be divided into two types: flexible plate and flexible adhesive plate. The flexibility of the plastic plate is much higher than that of the flexible plate, but its flexibility, the bonding force of the copper foil and the substrate, the flatness of the pad and other parameters are better than the flexible plate. So it is generally only used for those demanding occasions, such as: COF (CHIP ON FLEX, flexible board mount bare chip, the pad flatness requirements are high) and so on. Because of its high price, the vast majority of flexible boards applied in the market are flexible plates with glue. As the flexible board is mainly used for occasions where bending, if the design or process is unreasonable, prone to micro-cracks, welding and other defects.

If the circuit design is relatively simple, the total volume is not large, and the space is appropriate, most of the traditional way to connect much cheaper. Flexible circuits are a better design option if the lines are complex, handle many signals, or have special electrical or mechanical performance requirements. Flexible assembly is the most economical when the size and performance of the application exceeds the capabilities of rigid circuits. In a film can be made with 5mil through the hole within the 12mil pad and 3mil lines and spacing of the flexible circuit. Therefore, the direct placement of the chip on the film is more reliable. Because it does not contain flame retardants that may be ion drilling sources. These films may be protective and cured at higher temperatures to achieve a higher glass transition temperature. The reason why the flexible material is cost-effective compared to the rigid material is that the connector is removed.

Flexible PCBs offer excellent electrical performance to meet the design needs of smaller and higher density installations, as well as help reduce assembly processes and enhance reliability. Flexible circuit boards are the only solution to meet the miniaturization and movement requirements of electronic products. Can be free to bend, winding, folding, can withstand millions of times the dynamic bending without damage to the wire, according to the space layout requirements of any arrangement, and in any three-dimensional space to move and stretch, so as to achieve the integration of components and wire connections Flexible; circuit board can greatly reduce the size and weight of electronic products for electronic products to high density, miniaturization, high reliability direction of the development needs.

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