Flexible PCB Advantages And Disadvantages Introduced

- Nov 03, 2017 -

First, the advantages of flexible PCB


A significant advantage of the application of flexible PCB is that it can more easily in the three-dimensional alignment and loading, but also curly or folded up to use. As long as curled within the allowable radius of curvature, it can withstand thousands to tens of thousands of uses without damage.

2. Reduce the volume

In the assembly of components, compared with the use of lead wire, the soft PCB conductor section thin and flat, reducing the wire size, and can be formed along the chassis, so that the device structure is more compact and reasonable, reducing the connection volume. Compared with rigid PCB, the space can save 60 ~ 90%.

Reduce weight

In the same volume, the ratio of flexible PCB to conductor cable is about 70% lighter at the same current carrying capacity and about 90% lighter than rigid PCB.

4 connected with the consistency

Fitting with a flexible PCB eliminates the error when wiring with a wire cable. As long as the processing of drawings after proofreading through, all the circuit produced after the circuit are the same. Misconnection does not occur when connecting the cable.

5. Increased reliability

When connecting with flexible PCB, the wiring can be arranged in X, Y, and Z planes, thereby reducing the interconnection and switching interconnection, increasing the reliability of the entire system and facilitating the checking of faults.

Electrical parameters design controllability

According to the requirements, PCB designers can control capacitors, inductors, characteristic impedance, delay and attenuation during soft PCB design. Can be designed to have the characteristics of a transmission line. Because these parameters and the conductor width, thickness, spacing, insulation thickness, dielectric constant, loss tangent, etc., which is difficult to do when using wire and cable.

7. The end of the overall soldering

Like rigid PCBs, flexible PCBs have termination pads that eliminate the need for scalping and tinning of the leads, saving money. Terminal pads and elements, devices, plugs connected, dip soldering or wave soldering can be used to replace each wire manual soldering.

8. Material use is optional

Soft PCB can be used according to different requirements, using different substrate materials to manufacture. For example, polyester films can be used in applications where the cost is low. In demanding applications, need to have excellent performance, the use of polyimide film.

9. Low cost

With a flexible PCB connected, the total cost can be reduced. This is because:

1) Due to the consistency of the various parameters of the flexible PCB wire; the implementation of the overall termination, eliminating the frequent cable assembly errors and rework, and flexible PCB replacement more convenient.

2) The use of flexible PCB simplifies the design of the structure, it can be directly adhered to the component, reducing the clip and its fixtures.

3) For the need to have a shield wire, with a soft PCB lower prices.

10. Processing continuity

As the soft-foil board can be supplied continuously in roll form, continuous production of soft PCB can be realized. This also helps reduce costs.

Second, the shortcomings of soft PCB

1. One-time initial cost is high

Because flexible PCBs are designed and manufactured for specific applications, the cost of initial PCB design, routing and phototypesetting is high. Unless there is a special need to use a soft PCB, it is usually not used when it is usually used in small quantities.

2. Soft PCB changes and repair more difficult

Once a flexible PCB has been made, the change must be made from the basemap or the programmed photo-drawing program, so it is not easy to change. Its surface covered with a protective film, to be removed before repairing, repair and then restore, this is a more difficult job.

3 limited size

Soft PCB is not widely used in the case, usually by intermittent process, so by the size of the production equipment, can not be done very long, very wide.

4. Improper operation easily damaged

Improper handling of personnel, even if installed, can cause damage to the flexible circuit, which requires trained personnel to work with soldering and rework.

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