Even-numbered Layer Circuit Board Cost Advantage

- Oct 25, 2016 -

When you appear odd layer PCB design, the following method can be used to achieve a balanced stack, reduce PCB manufacturing costs, to avoid PCB to bend. There are several ways to arrange by optimization level.

1. A signal layer and use. If design PCB layer is even and odd signal can be used this way. Added layers do not increase costs, but it can shorten lead times, improve the quality of PCB.

2. Increase the power of one. If an odd design PCB layer while the signal is even this method can be used. A simple method is to not change other settings under the cascade middle stratum. First by the odd PCB wiring, and then copy the middle strata, marking the remaining layers. This thickened the foliation of the electrical characteristics of the formation.

3. Near PCB cascade Central adds a blank signal layer. This method minimizes the cascading imbalance, improve the quality of PCB. First the odd wiring, and then add a blank signal layer, marked the remaining layers. In Microwave circuits and mixed media (media have different dielectric constant) circuit types.

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