Different Wavelength For Plant Lighting

- Aug 15, 2017 -

1.Different light wavelength have different influence on plant photosynthesis. The main wavelength range for the growth of plaent is on 400-700mm . 

Plant wavelength.png

2.The red wavelength (630nm photo red ) and blue wave length (470mm royal blue) are good for the growth of plant , so it is good choice that we combinate these two color to creat a high-efficient lighting for the plant . it can greatly imprve the output of the plant.


3.According to the scientific survey , The proportion of blue and red color can be 1:4-1:9.  it can combinate to make a pink color or purple color 

4.For the pcb board design , we use the strip pcb , 4leds,5leds , 8leds .16leds in series ,

it can multiply the led quantity according to customer's requirement.

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