Circuit Board Type

- Dec 29, 2016 -

Firstly ,from the soft hardness ,we divide the pcb to flexible pcb and rigid pcb .Flexible pcb can bend ,mostly used for slim panel light and led strip such as decorative lamps .Rigd pcb has a wide use range .

Secondly,in order to tell the rigid pcb ,from the material ,there are copper based  pcb ,aluminum based pcb ,FR4 based pcb ,iron based pcb and cerimic based pcb board.they are just different material and cost is also not same . 

Thirdly ,from the apperance soldermask color ,there are white soldermask pcb ,black soldermnask pcb ,green soldermask pcb and blue soldermask pcb and so on .The soldermask color despneds on where the pcb will be used .

So if you exactly put keywords to seach product ,it's easy and fast to find what you want .

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