China Sensor And Internet Of Things Industry Alliance: Promoting Industrial Development From Five Aspects

- Apr 13, 2018 -

  The China Sensor and Internet of things Industry Alliance ("SIA" or "alliance") said the alliance will boost the sensor and Internet of things industry through five key tasks this year.

  Specifically, the Alliance will organize Asia's top sensor event SENSOR China in September, inviting domestic and foreign manufacturers to participate in the exhibition, to focus on the domestic sensor and Internet of things manufacturers;In the first half of the year, the Alliance will assist in the construction of the Intelligent Sensor Innovation Center, one of the state-level innovation centers, and will work with Hangzhou to build a sensor testing platform with an investment scale of 200 million yuan.Fourth, following the completion of the establishment of the Industrial Sensor Sub-Alliance this year, the Alliance will promote the establishment of the Gas Sensor Sub-Alliance in the second half of the year and push its members to break through 1000 in the year; fifthly, after cooperating with Fuzhou, it will promote cooperation with Shenzhen.Jiaxing and other intelligent urban program application cooperation.

As the key to the bottom of the Internet of things, sensors are ubiquitous.Today, sensors play an increasingly important role in consumer electronics, industrial manufacturing, cars, medical care, lighting, LED smart lights, security (such as smart door locks, smart cities, such as smart water meters).

The China Sensor and Internet of things Industry Alliance, officially established in 2016 under the guidance and support of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, is the first national industrial alliance in the field of sensors and the Internet of things, as well as the first sub-alliance of China's high-end chip alliance.At present, the Secretariat of the Alliance is Shanghai Microtechnology Research Institute, with more than 600 alliance members covering sensor and chip design, manufacturing, packaging and testing, system integration, industry applications, industrial capital and other industrial chain links.

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