China's Rising Road To PCB Industry

- Mar 20, 2018 -

  Under the situation of globalization, the division of labor in industrial chain internationalization is becoming more and more clear. With the advantage of labor force and capital, China begins to occupy the leading power in the low end of the industrial chain step by step.

  In this report, we focus on the PCB (printed Circuit Board) industry, which is the upstream of almost all consumer electronics, whether it's mobile phones, computers, tablets, displays, etc. This report describes the operation of the printed circuit board industry in China. Through detailed analysis, we can draw the following conclusions:

 China is the largest producer of PCB in the world, but the scale of enterprises is smaller than that of traditional powers such as Japan and South Korea, and the degree of industry concentration is low.

 The production of PCB products at the middle and low end of Chinese PCB enterprises is relatively mature, and the R & D and manufacturing of high-end PCB products are in their infancy, and they are not competitive enough. Foreign and Taiwan-funded enterprises occupy a considerable part of the market. Squeezes the local enterprise's survival space, this is also because the strength sufficient local enterprise quantity is small, waits for further research and development investment.

  Due to the limited raw materials and complex processing technology, the upstream materials of PCB enterprises such as copper foil are in short supply, the bargaining power of the middle reaches is strong and the industry is facing great price pressure, and the upstream high-end technology and products are monopolized by foreign giants. Because of the high degree of dependence on imports and the lack of competitiveness of domestic enterprises, the industry is striving to develop to the direction of research and development of high-end technology to replace import. At the same time, PCB industry's bargaining power to downstream is general, which is influenced by the change of downstream demand.

  From the perspective of industrial development, high-end products such as packaging substrates and medium-high-end products such as HDI boards will become an important direction for the period of .2016.The Chinese PCB industry will continue to grow at a rate of 1.43% as the global PCB industry declines. In South Asia, India and Thailand, Southeast Asian countries have also shown their huge room for development with rapid growth. When China's labor, land and other costs rise, a large proportion of foreign enterprises will be transferred from China to these countries.

  Conclusion: on one hand we continue to play a role Chinese optimistic about the production and marketing power in PCB industry; on the other hand China that competition in the PCB industry in the future, there will be high-end products, enterprise scale, industrial chain extension, regional distribution and other features, Chinese enterprises through the optimization concept, implementation of advanced technology upgrade, also will gradually gain advantage, resulting in output power, power electronics become real.

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