China's Influence On Equipment Manufacturers Rises And Semiconductor Supply Chain Becomes More And More Complete

- Mar 31, 2018 -

 Obviously, China's investment in the semiconductor manufacturing industry has not stopped. For ASML, China's influence is growing, and the same is true of China's other semiconductor equipment and related material manufacturers. China's semiconductor supply chain will become more and more complete in the foreseeable future.

  EUV is finally in mass production, with some cutting-edge chipmakers planning to adopt. ASML President and Chief Executive Peter Wennink in 2017 by 2018 or at the latest. "preparations for EUV's entry into mass chip manufacturing will accelerate further," he said.

  ASML has $1.34 billion in revenue in 2017 and an additional 10 EUV systems in the fourth quarter. Currently, ASML has accumulated 28 orders for unshipped EUV devices.

 As the company continues to support China's expanding semiconductor industry, sales of semiconductor manufacturing equipment to China increased by more than 20 percent in 2016, ASML said.In addition to shipping foreign-funded wafers operating in China, ASML plans to supply five local customers in 2018.

  ArF-Immersion is still the largest product in the yellow light equipment market.

  When the news of introducing EUV into wafer manufacturing was delayed for a long time, the semiconductor manufacturers had to devote themselves to the introduction of EUV into reality because it was difficult for the manufacturers to continue to benefit from the yellow light process in the advanced manufacturing process using only the infiltrating exposure machine ArF-Immersion. As a result, the rise in EUV's share of ASML's revenue is expected, with advanced manufacturing processes being imported into ASML.

  Although the use of ArF-immersion in the Key-layer will be greatly reduced by reducing the number of optical covers in the key-layer process of the former transistor process, the wire width of the metal wire will also be further miniaturized due to the microcontraction of the transistor, and manufacturers will still adopt ArF-immersion for part of the metal wire manufacturing process based on cost considerations. Added to the memory manufacturer's continued expansion of capacity, ArF-immersion is still a yellowlight device that manufacturers rely on.

  As shown in the figure , the contribution of ASML to the local yellow - light equipment in China increased year by year , accounting for 11.3 % of ASML ' s total revenue in 2017 , but it was 2.1 times five years ago , but it was up to US $ 800 million . It is clear that China ' s investment in semiconductor manufacturing has not been stopped . For ASML , China has become increasingly influential , and China is also the same for other semiconductor equipment and related materials , and it is expected that China ' s semiconductor supply chain becomes more complete in the future .

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