Chen Hong: The Mainstream Of The Next Generation Of Tactical OLED Display

- Feb 02, 2018 -

Apple touch panel supplier TPK-KY Chen Hong today held an online legal person briefing, Chen Hong strategy chief Liu Shiliang said, flexible organic light emitting diodes Ole D) with the touch control plan. Will be the next generation of display mainstream.

After Apple launched its first iPhone X phone with a OLED panel, the market focused on when Apple could roll out a phone with a flexible OLED panel to make it flexible. Even collapsible OLED phones are available.

According to Liu's assessment, the future OLED market will be more than $20 billion a year (NT $600 billion), demanding touch control technology, and it seems that silver nanotechnology is the closest to market demand. Chen Hong invested the most resources and hoped to be commercialized as soon as possible, becoming the largest supplier of OLED touch products in 2019.

He said: Chen has taken a lot of effort in nanosilver touch control technology. Customers in South Korea or mainland China have revealed their possible purchase intentions in the future and are interested in flexible OLED with Nano silver touch control products.

Mr Liu said the industry had not been worse in the past two years, with the pressure coming mainly from peer competition, with revenues likely to be 35% to 40% lower in the first quarter of this year than in the fourth quarter of last year, due to seasonal factors. Revenue is about NT $20.5 billion to NT $21 billion, and the profit portion should be at least two flat or small gains and losses.

Last year's earnings segment, he said, was quite exciting, and this year, 2019, won't be too bad. There will be some challenges to profit in the same industry competition, but through its own efforts, the profits will be pulled up. I believe there will be progress in the development of new products.

This year, Liu said, it is expected that the first and second quarter will be affected by seasonal factors, resulting in a decline in shipments due to the intergenerational change of products. But in the first half of the year, we will take advantage of the off-season to continuously improve productivity and efficiency. Welcome the second half year customer new product volume production.

'the number one customer should take a peer-to-peer approach to touch control suppliers,' he said. 'taking the fourth quarter of last year, for example, revenue from the largest customers accounted for 70 percent of overall revenue, up from 68% in the third quarter.' The top five account for 93 percent of total revenue, while the top 10 account for 96. 7 percent.

In addition, Chen Hong in the last two years small-sized products accounted for the proportion of overall revenue increased, from 2016 41% to 48.

Chen Hong planning capital expenditure of 7.5 billion yuan this year, in addition to the second half of the development of new machinery, Xiamen old plant production line are full, but also investment.

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