Car PCB Market Steadily Grow ADAS Into A New Battlefield

- Jan 29, 2018 -

The market growth of automotive PCB is not only valued by investors, but also made efforts by customers in developing automobile board, which is managed with Jingpeng's most strenuous efforts. So far, about 13% of the world's market share has been achieved, but winning orders for automotive panels is not just about price, but also a major test of the reliability of the industry's manufacturing process.

At the same time, with the deepening of the electronization of vehicles, the penetration rate of electronic detection systems such as vehicle radar and advanced driving assistance system (ADASS) is increasing. Even more, the PCB industry will go all out to fight for the certification, hoping to get the orders of the American and European auto panels, such as last year, including Jinxiang Changshu factory, Jingguo Thailand factory announced that the car electronics system factory certification. And start trial production this year, shipping.

Despite the rapid growth of the vehicle electronic load rate and the growth of the automotive panel market, the automotive electronic products need 2-3 years of certification period in the process and quality control because of the driving and personal safety. Market entry barriers are also high, which is also a major test for PCB operators.

The main clients of Taiwan auto panel factory are mainly Tier 1 automotive electronics system factory, including German and Japanese companies, such as Bosch Continental in Germany. Japanese Denso and so on, so usually the automobile plate factory to obtain the aforementioned automotive electronic system factory verification, the electronic system factory with its products to the automobile factory verification, equal to the need to pass two rounds of verification period. Therefore, PCB operators from the layout to the actual start to contribute to performance, time-consuming, once the verification of the start of shipment, will be a relatively stable business.

As for the newly emerging ADAS products for vehicles, another battlefield has been opened up for the automotive board market. The use of high frequency and high speed boards in ADAS products has also made the ostentatious China and Shenfeng Communications attract the attention of the market. And the high-frequency high-speed plate upstream CCL raw material platform ostentatious price also rises.

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