Automotive Electronics Development Will Drive The Car With The PCB Demand Growth

- Oct 25, 2016 -

Human car development to no driving for eventually target, Google, and Apple, technology manufacturers are has to layout, especially in recent years car electronic auxiliary lane security of trend is clear, as increasingly more similar reversing image, and automatically brake car, new using rise, and medium-term development focus is car networking application, this growth trend Xia, also makes car Shang of electronic equipment increasingly more, relative of PCB needs will constantly upgrade.

According to the Prismark estimate PCB output value up to $ 3.575 billion for 2015, 2019 and will rise to $ 4.347 billion, compound annual growth rate of 2015-2019 5%, is superior to the PCB enriched until the level of the market as a whole. Addition, according to rich state securities track survey, currently a car in the higher order car paragraph PCB using number has up 30 tablets, average output also by 40~50 dollars upgrade to 50~60 dollars, top car paragraph as double b, is up to 120 dollars or above, so, expected future with General car paragraph auxiliary lane security related products penetration rate upgrade, will can further pulled car with PCB needs growth.

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