Artificial Intelligence Or Re-detonation Of The Sensor Market

- Apr 10, 2018 -

 Since the 1950s, the sensor has experienced three main stages of development, from the most primitive structural sensor to the solid sensor, until the latest intelligent sensor, the sensor technology has undergone earth-shaking changes.With the development of sensor technology, the sensor industry in China is also developed. In recent years, with the benefit of the Internet of things, intelligent cities and other hot spots, the sensor industry in China has been on the fast track of development.

  In particular, the two years of attention in the artificial intelligence industry boom, sensor seems to see a broader market prospects.

  There is no doubt that all aspects of our lives are being innovated by artificial intelligence.However, in fact, most of the artificial intelligence action and application scene need to rely on the suitable sensor to achieve, the sensor is the hardware foundation of the artificial intelligence technology development, is the essential condition of establishing the connection between artificial intelligence and everything.Take autopilot as an example, the core of autopilot is to allow cars to bypass human senses and interact with traffic environments.This depends heavily on radar, visual cameras and a variety of sensor devices.Another example is Sogou's Chinese word "Wang Tsai", who showed off "lip recognition" at an Internet conference, that is, he broke the thinking formula, changed the semantic recognition sensor into an optical sensor, and used the information captured by the image to judge the communication of the language.Very good results have been achieved.

 Clearly, the government also sees the importance of sensors to the artificial intelligence industry.

  At the end of December 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially issued the three-year action plan to promote the development of the new generation of artificial intelligence industry. The key content of the plan is to cultivate eight smart products and four core foundations, and the smart sensor ranks first among the core foundations.In the most basic and important position.This further affirmed the importance of intelligent sensors for the development of artificial intelligence industry.

  And in terms of the current situation of the development of the domestic sensor industry, although after years of development, we already have a number of enterprises with a certain scale and technical strength, as well as some innovative achievements of independent R & D.But compared with foreign technology, there are still some problems.For example, the core manufacturing technology lags behind the developed countries, less innovative products, unreasonable structure.The key link of the industrial chain is missing.At present, local sensor manufacturers mainly use foreign simulation tools, core manufacturing equipment almost all rely on imports.Scientific research achievement conversion rate and industry development stamina is insufficient, comprehensive strength is low.

  In view of these problems faced by the sensor industry in our country, the three-year action guide for the intelligent sensor industry 2017-2019 issued by our country clearly stipulates four major tasks for the development of intelligent sensors: first, to complete the design and manufacture of key link subboards.To promote the upgrading of intelligent sensors to the middle and high end; second, to develop demonstration of the application of intelligent sensors in key industries such as consumer electronics, automotive electronics, industrial control, health care, etc; and third, to build an innovation center for intelligent sensors,Further improve technology research and development, standards, intellectual property rights, detection and public service capacity, help industry innovation and development; fourth, reasonable layout, further improve the industrial chain, promote the development of industrial agglomeration.

 Peng Hongbing, deputy director of the electronics and information department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, has said that sensors will be the core foundation for the interconnection of everything in the future.At present, the development of global information technology is in the historical period of cross-border integration, acceleration of innovation, depth adjustment, showing the new characteristics of interconnectedness of all things and intelligence of all things.Cloud computing, big data, the rise of artificial intelligence, driving computing architecture, patterns and intelligent sensing has a major change, market applications show explosive growth.In 2019, China's smart sensor market will reach 96 billion yuan scale.

 Thus, the sensor market triggered by artificial intelligence will be promising.It is believed that with the continuous strengthening of government support for the sensor industry, and the benefits of artificial intelligence, the Internet of things and other hot spots, China's sensor industry will usher in another wave of development spring.

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