Application Of Liquid Level Sensor In Domestic Water Heater

- Apr 23, 2018 -

  With the increasing degree of automation, in order to ensure the consistency of product quality, the era of direct manual monitoring and intervention in the production process has passed, and the importance of sensors has become more and more obvious. And more and more involved in the design of the program system, is no longer a simple mechanical, rough type of monitoring; so its requirements in addition to the reliability of the detection, stability, at the same time requires installation, debugging, simplicity, compact size, Diversify applications, etc.

  Electric water heater is one of the most common equipment in modern bathroom and has the capability of automatic heating and full - day hot water supply .

  The water level sensor is very important to the water heater. Among the water heater failures, the failure rate caused by the water level temperature sensor accounts for 50%, so we can see its importance. In electric water heater, the main function of liquid level sensor is to monitor water level. The sensor is generally located somewhere in the lower end of the tank, at a predetermined low water level. When the water level drops to this point, the output of the liquid level sensor will change, thus triggering the alarm system of the water heater, and cutting off the power supply of the heating circuit, thus protecting the water heater from being damaged by dry burning. In addition to the liquid level sensor, a thermostat is installed in the water heater, which is used to accurately measure the change of water temperature, set the heating time reasonably, and avoid power waste. But the liquid level sensor and the temperature sensor determine the water heater to some extent, their function is to measure the water temperature water level of the water heater, and then transmit it to the controller, which can protect the intelligent control of the water heater. Most water heaters are now equipped with liquid level sensors and temperature sensors. However, due to the effects of scale, high temperature, interference, environmental impact and other problems, sensors are difficult to work normally for a long time. Which kind of liquid level sensor is good for domestic water heater? What's the principle? Here is a simple introduction to the price and quality of the photoelectric liquid level sensor.

  Photoelectric liquid level sensor is a new contact liquid level measurement and control device developed by the principle of reflection and refraction of light at the interface of two different media. It has many advantages, such as simple structure, high positioning accuracy, no mechanical components, no debugging, high sensitivity and corrosion resistance, less power consumption, small size and so on, and is gradually recognized by the market.

 1. Because the output of the liquid level is only related to whether the photoelectric probe is in contact with the liquid surface or not, it has nothing to do with other characteristics of the medium, such as temperature, pressure, density, electricity and other parameters, so the photoelectric liquid level sensor has the advantages of accurate detection, high repetition accuracy, and fast response speed. Liquid level control is very accurate and can be installed directly without adjustment.

 2. Because of the relatively small size of the photoelectric liquid level sensor probe, it can be separately installed in a narrow space suitable for use in special tanks or containers. In addition, a plurality of photoelectric probes can be installed on one measuring body to make a multi-point liquid level sensor and a variable controller.

 3. Because all the components inside the sensor are treated by resin pouring, there are no mechanical moving parts inside the sensor, so the photoelectric liquid level sensor has high reliability, long life and no maintenance.

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