Analysis Of Main Causes Of Blackning Of Electroplating Gold Plating In PCB

- Oct 24, 2017 -

Recently with the peer exchange, talking about the cause of gold plating layer black and the solution. As the actual factory production line, the use of equipment, syrup system is not exactly the same. So the need for product and the actual situation for targeted analysis and processing to solve. Here is only about three common problems for your reference.

1, electroplated nickel layer thickness control.

We must think that I was dizzy, and said that the gold layer of gold problem, how will the thickness of the electroplated nickel layer. In fact, PCB gold plating layer is generally very thin, reflected in the surface of gold plating problems are due to poor performance of nickel plating caused. General plating nickel layer will cause the appearance of the product will be white and black phenomenon. So this is the factory engineering and technical personnel preferred to check the project. Generally need to plating to about 5um nickel layer thickness is enough.

2, electroplating nickel tank syrup situation

Or to say nickel tank thing. If the nickel cylinder medicine is not well maintained for a long time, there is no timely carbon treatment, then the plating out of the nickel layer will be easy to produce flaky crystal, coating hardness increases, brittleness enhanced. Serious will produce a black coating problem. It is easy for many people to ignore the control focus. It is often an important cause of the problem. PCB Therefore, please carefully check your factory production line syrup situation, for comparative analysis, and timely thorough carbon treatment, so as to restore the potency of water and electroplating solution clean.

3, gold cylinder control

Now it comes to gold cylinder control. Generally, if you want to keep a good syrup filter and supplement, gold cylinder by the degree of pollution and stability than the nickel cylinder will be better. But the PCB need to pay attention to check the following aspects are good: (1) gold cylinder supplement is sufficient and excessive? (2) PH value of PH value control? (3) What is the conductive salt situation? If the test results are no problem, and then use AA machine analysis of impurities in the solution. Guaranteed Gold Cylinder Potion Status. Finally, do not forget to check the gold cylinder filter cotton core is not a long time no replacement ah. If it is, that is your control is not strict ah. Not quick to replace.

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