A Variety Of Factors Affecting The Price Of A PCB Board

- Oct 13, 2017 -

A variety of factors affecting the price of a PCB board

PCB price is a lot of buyers have been very confused things, a lot of people online orders will be questioned how these prices are calculated, the following we talk about the composition of the PCB price factors.

1, PCB materials used in different prices caused by the diversity

Ordinary double-sided panel, for example, the sheet is generally FR4 (Health benefits, Kingboard, country, three prices from top to bottom), thickness from 0.2mm to 3.0mm range, copper thickness from 0.5oz to 3oz different, All of which in the sheet on a result of a huge price difference; in the solder resist ink, the ordinary hot oil and green light there is a certain price difference.

2, the surface treatment process caused by the diversity of different prices

Common are: OSP (anti-oxidation), lead spray tin, lead-free spray tin (green), gold-plated, immersion gold and some combination of technology, etc., the more the more expensive the future price of the process.

3, PCB itself is difficult to bring the price of different price diversity

Two kinds of circuit boards have 1000 holes, a plate aperture greater than 0.2mm and the other plate aperture is less than 0.2mm will form a different drilling costs; such as the other two different circuit boards, but the line width is different, one Species are greater than 4mil, one is less than 4mil, will also cause different production costs; followed by some do not take the general plate process design is also plus money, such as half hole, buried blind hole, Printed carbon oil.

4, copper foil thickness caused by different price diversity

Common copper platinum thick: 18um (1 / 2OZ), 35um (1OZ), 70um (2OZ), 105um (3OZ), 140um (4OZ), etc., the more the more the more the thickness of copper foil

5, the quality of customer acceptance criteria

Commonly used: IPC2, IPC3, enterprise standard, military standard, etc., the higher the standard, the price will be higher.

6, mold fees and test stand

(1) mold costs, the model with the small batch of the general board is the use of drilling and milling shape, it will not be additional milling margin fee, in the large quantities required to open a mold plate, so there is a set of mold costs, MILL general offer at 1000 yuan up.

(2) test fee: the model is generally used flying probe test, the board factory generally charge the test fee of 100-400 yuan range; batch will open the test frame to test, the general test stand in the test room between 1000-1500 yuan.

7, different payment methods caused by the price difference

The shorter the bill to pay the way, such as cash payments, the price will be relatively low.

8, order quantity / delivery

(1) the smaller the number, the more expensive the price, because even if it is done 1PCS, MILL have to do engineering information, a film, which process are indispensable

(2) Delivery: The data delivered to the PCB factory should be complete (GERBER data, board number, plate, plate thickness, surface treatment to do what, ink color, character color and some special requirements to write clearly)

Through the above discussion is not difficult to see, PCB processing price diversity is its inherent necessity, this article can only provide a rough price range for reference, the specific price of course, and manufacturers and direct contact.

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