5G, Automotive Electronics, Domestic Substitution Has Become The Future Main Growth Point Of PCB Industry In China

- Feb 05, 2018 -

1.PCB industry is gradually optimized and upgraded, and low-end production capacity will be gradually eliminated. China's PCB industry is mainly single-panel, dual-panel and ordinary HDI board, but since 2016. Due to the country's increasingly stringent requirements for environmental protection and production capacity, many PCB main production areas have stopped the low-end PCB plant, the approval of expansion. At the same time. Because the low end PCB business industry concentration is low, the average production profit is meagre, many small manufacturers have withdrawn from the PCB manufacturing industry one after another, its market share is gradually divided by the Longtou manufacturer; Due to the strict requirements of technology, yield, industry threshold, but higher profit margins, domestic manufacturers with high-end technology research and development capacity only Jingwang Electronics. Shennan Electric Road and a few other leading enterprises. Domestic high-end PCB products rely heavily on imports, domestic substitution space is huge. Downstream consumer electronics leading companies such as Huawei Vivo. ZTE mobile phone FPC, high-end HDI and other components still need to be imported from Japan, Taiwan and other places, the future of FPC and high-end HDI plate replacement become the focus of industry development. At present, some large PCB factories in Taiwan and mainland China have begun to expand their production of Shennan Electric Road, and leading companies such as Jingwang Electronics have been recognized by leading downstream manufacturers, including Huawei and ZTE.

2. The rapid development of new energy automobile and automobile electronics brings new opportunities for PCB industry. According to Prismark statistics. In 2016, the output value of the new energy vehicle increased to 70%, and the battery management module and control circuit system needed a lot of 4-8 layers, and part of the PCB board above 8 layers. Automobile electronics will also increase the demand for PCB products with the increasing degree of automobile electronization. Among them, the comprehensive ADAS (Advanced Auxiliary driving system) penetration rate has increased by about 5% per year. The popularization of on-board display device will drive the demand of HDI and FPC. The construction of 5G will be carried out step by step and the base station will be built. Product replacement will absorb a large amount of PCB capacity. 2018 is the global communications industry 4G to 5G important node. Countries have successively released 5G construction plans to compete for the right to make industry rules, including the United States, Europe is expected to start 5G testing and pilot applications in 2018. In China, 5G test was completed in 2019 and commercial application began in 2020. The most important link in 5G construction is the base station construction renewal, the base station construction will need a large number of PCBs including 8-16 layers and above 18 layers. In addition, the arrival of the 5G is expected to bring a new upsurge in consumer electronics, including mobile phones. Wearables, the Internet of things, and games. With the rapid development of the global game industry, Internet of things, wearable devices, VGA graphics card, processor. Memory demand continues to rise, leading to the rise of supporting PCB industry, the main VGA graphics card supporting PCB Shenghong technology revenue growth of 31% year on 2017. The amount of net profit increased by 20% year on year, and the utilization rate of production capacity was as high as 97%. Recently, the regional chain money market is hot, its mining technology requires a large number of graphics cards and memory. Copper clad laminate as one of the main raw materials of PCB production, the industry concentration is high, the bargaining power is strong, the technical threshold is high. Will become the PCB industry boom cycle important benefit object.

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