3D Sense Diffusion From Consumer Electronics To Industry

- Jan 31, 2018 -

3D sensing technology is spreading from consumer electronics to commercial applications. It is expected that the future will lead to self-driving and driverless vehicles, while 3D sensors include algorithms, lasers, lenses and modules. Yesterday optical lens factory ignited today by the laser-related strands strong.

In addition to the upbeat outlook for the industry, the industry said the recent boom in driverless stores has also brought more attention to the sector.

Agencies and manufacturers are betting that 3D sensing will be an epoch-making technology that is expected to be convenient and secure through rapid biometric face recognition, despite the iPhone X's enthusiasm for attracting consumers. But importing 3D sensing to ripple the industry is now moving across borders in hopes of channelling innovative applications into other commercial areas.

The new shows that the VCSEL needed for 3D sensing is not absent, with seven to eight customers currently performing product validation, including mass-production customers. Sprint operation this year to add VCSEL new product line. In addition, optical communications products after the bottom last year, expected to rebound this year, the first quarter has been customer new bid. Business is expected to resume growth this year.

The industry said that the new year's operating momentum depends on the status of VCSEL Lei wafer shipments, due to the price difference between the VCSEL chip and the original product by several times. If you have the opportunity to release the volume will become the main momentum of the new year. This year in LD products expected to ship and VCSEL products began to contribute revenue, full-year revenue of 2.64 billion yuan EPS 3.26 yuan. Gross margin increased to 36.5 on higher-order shipments.

At present, mobile phones are still used in 3D sensing applications, and the use of electronic tags is gradually expanding.

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