2016 Analysis Of PCB Production In China

- Oct 25, 2016 -

Electronic circuit industry in the world after 2000-2002 after years of recession, a full recovery in 2003. World 2002 PCB output value of US $ 31.6 billion in 2003 to $ 34.5 billion, an increase of 9.18%, flexible, rigid-flexible plate 15%. 2004 keep this momentum, industry analysts think that the development of electronic circuits in the world, especially in Asia and China's development has ushered in a new peak and the peak will continue until 2010.

And according to the Prismark predicts that global production of the printed circuit board products at 2006-2010 during the year, from about $ 42 billion to about $ 53.7 billion, the average compound annual growth rate of about 6.3%.

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